Source code for solthiruthi.data_parser

# (C) 2015-2106 - Muthiah Annamalai
# parse data files for Tamil proper nouns
from __future__ import print_function
import codecs
import sys
import json
import tamil
import re
import pprint

[docs]class WordList: # data structure for a WordList containing only one category def __init__(self,cat): self.category = cat self.words = []
[docs] def add(self,word): self.words.append(word.strip())
[docs]class DataParser: def __init__(self,files): self.categories = [] self.files = files
[docs] def process(self): for filename in self.files: self.parse_data(filename) for cat in self.categories: cat.words = set(cat.words) #unique elements only return
[docs] @staticmethod def run(args): #print(u">> starting data processing for files <<") #print(u"|".join(args)) obj = DataParser( args ) obj.process() return obj
[docs] def parse_data(self,filename): cat = None #print(u">> file %s"%filename) with,'r','utf-8') as fp: for line in fp.readlines(): if line.startswith('>>'): if cat: self.categories.append( cat ) cat = None newcat = line.replace('>>','').strip() cat = WordList( cat = newcat) elif line.startswith('#'): continue elif cat: word = u"".join(re.split('\s+',line)[1:]) if len(word) > 0 : cat.add( word ) else: #odd looking line - we'll keep it anyway cat.add(line.strip()) if cat: self.categories.append( cat ) return
[docs] def analysis(self): r = {'catlen':0,'total':0,'dict':{}} r['catlen']=len(self.categories) word_count = [] for cat in self.categories: cat_wlen = len(cat.words) r['dict'][cat.category] = list(cat.words) word_count.append( cat_wlen ) r['total'] = sum(word_count) return r
def __unicode__(self): "print the statistics of the wordlist etc" rep = (u"# categories = %d"%len(self.categories)) word_count = [] for cat in self.categories: cat_wlen = len(cat.words) rep += u" %s -> %d\n"%(cat.category,cat_wlen) word_count.append( cat_wlen ) rep += 'Total words -> %d \n'%sum(word_count) return rep
if __name__ == u"__main__": if len(sys.argv) < 2: print(u"usage: python <filename1> ... <filenamen>") print(u" this command shows categories of words and their frequencies in document(s);") sys.exit(-1) obj =[1:]) r = obj.analysis() # if you wanted to save the results to JSON with"ref.json","w","utf-8") as fp: #pprint.pprint( json.dumps(r), fp ) fp.write(json.dumps(r)) print(u"cat %d / total words %d"%(r['catlen'],r['total']))